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At Adam Builders we understand that your home is about your lifestyle. It should reflect who you are and provide you with the space and environment to live your life the way you want it to. Combining our years of interior decorating experience, we know you and your needs. It is the perfect choice for designing a space that reflects. Our decorating services include interior paint jobs, plasterboard repairs, plaster and rendering touch-ups, wallpaper removal, siding, all exterior wood repairs, curtains and blinds installation, and more.

Our upholstery services range from rooms to entire homes and units, from decorations to complete restorations, all using premium paints, and quality products from your favorite brands. Bold and deep jewel tones are used to create an evocative and cheery space that lifts the spirits of all who visit, while soft pastel greens create a relaxing seaside vibe. Call us today to discuss this further.

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